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Ceramic car coating protects car paint from minor scratches, limits adhesion of dirt, and makes it resistant to UV radiation. Our team of London ceramic car paint protection specialists will bring your car’s paintwork to its former glory with their exceptional skills, precise work and state of the art tools.

Resistant nano-coating for car paint is designed for the most demanding motorisation enthusiasts. Ceramic coating is exceptionally durable, it highlights colour depth and is resistant to all external factors.
Its structure comprises ceramic 3D molecules, what makes it durable for up to 5 years or more, even in the most challenging conditions. We only use tested and renowned coating products so they match our high standards. Car paint protected with a quality ceramic coating produces a hard, glossy layer and will distinguish itself with increased, long-lasting shine. The process of using this kind of coating takes much time and requires technical knowledge and great experience. Exceptionally durable ceramic car paint protection coating guarantees optimal protection and a long-lasting result to impress.

Why is it worth to have your car paint protected with quality ceramic coating?
Ceramic car paint protection is one of the most frequently chosen services among our London clientele. Once you have seen the final result you will never want go back to a regular wax coating. The aesthetics and its protective properties cannot be stressed enough. After all, this technology is derived from N.A.S.A. They originally used it as heat insulation on space shuttles as it demonstrates great heat and oxidation resistance and has anti-corrosive properties. This thing works magic.

There are 2 good reasons why is it worth to protect your car with ceramic coating:
1.    No more costly body paint corrections – ceramic coating provides a great protective barrier against bird droppings, stone chips and road grime, tar and other aggressive elements. Depending on usage and environment, you are protected up to 5 years. This really makes it a great value for money.
2.    No more weekly visits at your local car wash – ceramic coating not only protects your car’s paintwork but also comes with self-washing abilities in package – it’s called a hydrophobic effect. It basically means that water or any dirt simply slides off the car body which greatly reduces staining and colour damage.

With such a great product at hand we can give your car a truly royal treatment. Why not call our London workshop and discuss what type of ceramic car paint protection would be best suitable for your car’s paintwork? We specialise in application of all types of ceramic paint protection including those that require working in a controlled environment.
We also offer ceramic protection of convertible roofs, upholstery, plastic and rubber elements, windows and rims. You can reach us on 0777 998 5797.

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