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We take great pride in delivering extraordinary results to our valued customers. Our years of experience combined with extensive expertise guarantee exceptional restoration and preservation standards of your car interior.

We offer our specialist interior car detailing services in London to everyone looking for an exclusive car maintenance performance, and with our in-depth technical knowledge and know-how we set unequivocal standards of quality.

Auto detailing requires several stages of precise work over the car, broad range of professional accessories, advanced machines and specialist chemicals.

Services we offer originated from reverence for cars, their future and comfort of driving. SHINE FACTORY specialists adjust working methods and chemicals to the interior material (leather, alcantara, velour) as well as to the general condition of the car.

Our interior auto detailing London team specialises in steam cleaning of material upholstery, carpets and plastic parts of the interior. High temperature of steam, except from deep cleaning, disinfects the interior, eliminating mould, mildew and bacteria. In the case of leather upholstery, we recommend only preparations of renowned companies designed for this kind of surfaces. At Client’s special request, we protect the interior with special ceramic nano-coatings – technologically advanced product characterised by great resistance.

•    Trim, sterile, fresh interior
•    Elimination of germ, bacteria and stains
•    Restoring original aesthetic value of all the details
•    Protecting the interior from further exploitation
•    Great driving comfort


Why is it worth to hire a professional interior car detailing company?

For all interior auto detailers London is a great place to thrive. With the world-famous car shows and world top car dealers at hand there are great opportunities for further development and plenty tools to help you master your car exterior and interior detailing skills.

There are hundreds of different car detailing products available on the market tempting us to give them a try, promising outstanding results with minimum hassle. Well, the fact is no product can really beat one’s experience in the field and if you were ever to look for a London based interior auto detailing professional, ask for details in regard to their previous work.

There’s nothing more rewarding for us than bringing back the shine to your cars paintwork and making all the interior and exterior details look splendid again. Our extensive range of auto detailing services include free specialist advice and recommendation of appropriate after care products.

We have worked with some of the world’s leading automotive specialists such as AUDI, VOLVO and JAGUAR and we deliver our exceptional interior auto detailing services to all private and commercial customers in London and the home counties.  

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