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To enjoy the benefits of your leather seats and other interior elements, you need to tend to it regularly. Well maintained, protected upholstery gives an interior exclusive look and improves driving comfort.

The SHINE FACTORY team specialises in leather upholstery renovation and protection. In an advanced process, we fix all damages and imperfections such as: decolourisation, cigarette holes, chafing and cracks to the leather grain. The technology we use enables us to recreate the leather structure and to restore its original colour. After cleaning the upholstery, we moisturise it thoroughly protecting it with a special coating that secures it from dirt insertion and wearing off.

We remove various pollutions, dirt, greasy stains and unpleasant smells from the leather itself. We only use certified equipment and original cosmetics designed for different types of leather. Lack of knowledge concerning skin cleaning may result in its damage or even complete devastation. Leather upholstery requires regular conservation to keep its assets for long. We recommend comprehensive car upholstery cleaning done in our London workshop 3-4 times a year. In the case of driver’s seat, it is recommended to tend to it even more often.

Our competitive car upholstery cleaning services in London include:
-    Thorough and specialist car leather upholstery treatment including conditioning.
-    Anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatments.
-    Removal of odours and tar build up.
-    Removal of old and ingrained dirt off the seats, carpets and the boot area.

Leather Car Upholstery Cleaning, Conditioning and Protection.

The quality and durability of leather upholstery cannot be stressed enough. Apart from its aesthetic values leather is also functional and versatile, and certainly superior to any synthetic or man-made material.

At SHINE FACTORY, we have experience and in-depth knowledge of treating leather car upholstery in our London workshop, to ensure the longevity of your car’s leather interior. Leather can be tricky in terms of proper maintenance, there are different types that vary in breathability. It’s also very important to identify the age and condition of the treated leather to use suitable products and effective techniques for proper care and long-lasting results. Although widely available commercial cleaners can do their part in stain removing process, they certainly lack in preserving moisture which often leads to leather cracking and peeling.

Our London based team of professional leather car upholstery cleaners will examine your car’s interior thoroughly to identify any challenging areas and to estimate the overall condition of the interior.  We will use best products available in our London workshop and treat your car with utmost care to revitalise the look and feel of your car’s leather upholstery.

To request a free estimate and to discuss your requirements in detail please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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