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Nano Ceramic Protect are a revolutionary surface protection products. Well cared car paint is a flagship for every driver. However, not only new cars may catch an eye with their rich colours and a flawless glow.





What is it Nano Ceramic Protect?
Series of Nano Ceramic Protect products is a wide range of preparations allocated to protection and maintenance of the cars. Nano Ceramic Protect are a revolutionary surface protection products, starting with paintwork protection, such details as upholstery, even glass. Structure of the products is based on high standards of nanotechnology. The Nano Ceramic Protect products - the protections covering with a molecular ceramic 3D structure of the best quality, currently available on a market, owes a 9H hardness certificate, which is an attest which certifies the highest protection coverings endurance. As a result of connection of molecules preparation on a paint surface in tight web, it crystallizes and creates a resistant and durable protection layer. High quality products are focused on long-term conservation of individual elements, including attractive appearance of the vehicle.
Why Nano Ceramic Protect is the best?
Nano Ceramic Protect is the most advanced out of ceramic car protection systems available on the market. It is distinguished by high durability and resistance to scratches, chemicals and the effects of external conditions. The highest quality, most advanced nanotechnology, reasonable price, as well as performance, speed and ease of application made the system of Nano Ceramic Protect quickly gaining popularity and trust of the biggest auto detailing markets worldwide. Nano Ceramic Protect is available in 30 countries (from Scandinavia to Saudi Arabia) and this number is constantly dynamically growing.

9H harndess
Hard 9H is unquestioned bestseller from all Nano Ceramic Protect coatings. It is certified with international guarantee of an independent certification of 9H hardness, which proves high strength and resistance of coatings. This product is available only in authorized auto detailing studios. It is dedicated for ceramic protection of car paintwork and rims, and its functionality is guaranteed by a written certificate..

Do not be fooled! Trust only the professionals.
Just a few products available on the worldwide markets are certified and independently attested with 9H hardness certificate which proves high quality and durability of protective coatings. Many brands pretend to offer their products as ceramic quality and mislead customers, selling other, less durable coating, eg. quartz or polymeric. These companies also provide false information on the hardness of their coating, not having the relevant certificates and attestation.

All such activities are illegal.

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