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Car paint renovation is one of the most advanced processes in auto detailing. It requires great knowledge of an experienced specialist, proper equipment and renowned preparations.

We will make your car shine again. It’s our passion.

Precise car paint polishing restores car’s brand-new look. Our specialists are exceptionally efficient and they are happy to face even the most difficult challenges. We can eliminate even 100% of scratches, car paint tarnishing, etc. We polish car paint using cutting-edge equipment with certificates of quality. We eliminate all the scratches, traces of automatic car washing, and tarnishing. We treat each car individually by choosing the most suitable cosmetics and products, depending on: the type of car paint, its thickness, hardness and a level of damage.


Polishing process has several stages – everything depends on the damage and on the effect we want to achieve. We distinguish 2 stages of polishing.

Thorough car paint cleaning from dirt, including: volatile rust, tar and tree sap. One-stage polishing with the use of renowned cosmetics adjusted to the type and condition of car paint. We restore shine and colour depth, we eliminate 30-40% scratches and tarnishing:


A multi-stage process of cleaning the car polish from all kinds of sludge deeply embedded in the body, with the use of premium brand products adjusted to the type and condition of car polish. We can eliminate all the defects, including hard scratches, tarnishing and holograms. Car polish gains unrivalled colour depth. We eliminate up to 80-90% of scratches:

After completing the intense polishing process, we obtain a unique colour depth, ideal smoothness and structure. Professionally refreshed car paint is protected by a resistant ceramic coating or high-class wax. Such a layer effectively protects the car paint, preserving its surface.


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