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Date added 2018-07-23

Vehicle tinting services

Shine Factory and Capital provide vehicle tinting services personalized to meet our customers’ needs. We work with you to understand your vision and then make your visions a reality. We use only the best installation techniques in the industry, with every individual window film hand-cut and trimmed to fit perfectly with no annoying light gaps. We stand behind the quality of our craftsmanship 100%! 

Every vehicle that we service comes out of the garage with a complete lifetime warranty on the installation – for as long as you own the vehicle. 

Our attention to detail puts us above the competition. 

There are a lot of reasons you should consider tinting your car window, including for your health, safety, and privacy. It also helps to preserve the investment you made in your vehicle. Below we’ve listed some of the main reasons people choose to tint their car windows. 

Why Choose Us?

Window Tinting for Kids 

Every parent understands how agitated and restless kids can get when it’s too hot in the car. Window tinting keeps your car – and your kids – cool and comfortable, protecting them against harmful UV rays from the sun; the primary cause of skin cancer. 

Window Tinting for Security 

Window tinting can protect your property against theft. The majority of car thefts are performed by opportunistic thieves who see something they like and expect the window to smash open and fall into the car, enabling them to grab what they want and make a run for it. 

Window Tinting for Privacy 

Having your car windows tinted prevents curious eyes from seeing in, leaving you and your belongings safer. While blocking people from looking in, you still have a clear and perfect view of the outside. Tinted windows give lone women drivers a sense of security that makes them feel much less vulnerable. 


Window Tinting for Dogs 

Most people put up sun shields or leave their window open to keep their car cool enough for their dogs. This isn’t enough. When the temperature outside reaches just 22C (72F), the temperature inside the car can reach as high as 47C (117F). Window tints a better at blocking the sun and keeping a car cool. 


Window Tinting for Safety 

Our window tints have been designed to not shatter if they break. This means that your family and the contents of your car are safe from the risk of flying glass during an accident. Window Film keeps the glass held firmly in place when it breaks. 


Window Tinting for Comfort 

Window tints block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays from the sun. This keeps your car cool, minimizes sun and headlight glare, and reduces eye fatigue when driving. This makes any drive much more comfortable. 


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